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My first official writing challenge: write romantic flash fiction starting with sci-fi/fantasy title prompts  – another Chuck Wendig post

your prompt is

Chuck Wendig is not a romance writer. He writes about … writing. That’s how I came to know and love the guy.  Apparently, he also writes dystopian fiction, paranormal fiction, urban fantasy, and whatever else suits his fancy. That’s the part of him I don’t know yet. Don’t worry, I will get there. As far as […]

Marry a great cook for her culinary skills? Bad idea! Marry a steamy romance writer for better time between the sheets? That might actually work!

image lets misbehave

Everybody knows you shouldn’t marry a cook if you want to eat good home cooked meals. That won’t happen. Especially if you marry an excellent cook! The better cooks they are, the more they have to practice their culinary skills. The harder they have to work in the chaotic kitchen of a 5-star restaurant to […]

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