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One Star


One Star By Ada Ireland   In the beginning There was only one star. The gods soon learned One star was not enough To hold all man’s dreams, So they filled the skies With myriads of them. Now, no matter how big Man’s dreams get, They can still be Wished Upon A Star.



Failed By Ada Ireland   I thought that If only I found the right words to say you’d know how much you mean to me. I was wrong. But words didn’t fail me. Something else did. I still don’t know what.

A writer has no reason to thank his readers – #writerswithasenseofhumor


Should an author thank his fans for buying and reading his books? Sir George Stephen, a nineteen-century barrister and writer, thinks not. Here’s the explanation (slightly edited) from his book The Adventures of a Gentleman in Search of a Horse, published in 1835. As all authors who arrive at the honor of a second edition, […]

A Birthday Thought


A Birthday Thought By Ada Ireland   May the stars you look at be kind to all your wishes. May your best dreams be the ones you have yet to dream and your best years the ones you have yet to live. Happy Birthday!

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