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I nearly killed my main character. She needs a stroke of luck to make it … or just a less moody writer

call 911I talked before about me being a “happy ending” kind of writer. Then why is my main character laying in a pool of blood … her own blood … just about ready to give up the ghost?

That’s easy. The story has just started. I can do whatever I want in the beginning. Characters can nearly die. Hearts can be thoroughly broken. Hopes can be utterly smashed.

As long as I don’t give into my bloody moods and start exploring the dark side of being in love, everything should turn out OK. My main character will somehow come back to life. She’ll marry the dashing hero. They’ll make passionate love happily ever after.

Now I need to go and do some CPR. She’s still laying in a pool of blood. On second thought … somebody please call 911. The only thing I know about CPR is how to spell it.

cpr guys shes gone

P.S. I did a search for funny CPR pictures. This one had me laughing for a good couple of minutes. I almost choked because of it. I came pretty close to calling 9-1-1. Then I got scared that instead of a bad case of choking I’ll end up with a splitting neck pain so I put my phone down. :-)

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