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D.H.Lawrence – Dog Tired

canva dhlawrence dog tired

Here’s an excerpt from D.H.Lawrence’s Dog Tired. A beautiful poem I came across today and felt compelled to re-read several times. “If she would come to me here […] We could gather up the dry hay from The hill-brow, and lie quite still, till the green Sky ceased to quiver, and lost its active sheen. […]

Randa Jarrar – The Sailor

turkey istanbul

I’m sharing a paragraph written by Randa Jarrar, an author I discovered today, while reading Flash Fiction International: Very Short Stories from Around the World. Her story, A Sailor, is one of the pieces published in this collection. “He tells her he thinks she married him because he is precisely the kind of man who […]

Benjamin Errett’s witty dedication

elements of wit

I’m reading Elements of Wit by Benjamin Errett. It’s a very interesting book with some surprising stories in it. I’ll write a longer blog post about it by the end of the week. In the meantime, here is something that most writers will appreciate: a witty dedication. “To my children, Helena and Theodore, without whose […]

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