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Unashamed of carefree, useless writing

I haven’t been active on this blog in a long time. I had many things to say but saw no good reason to say them. Plus, I was very confused about which things should be said and which shouldn’t.

After a year long soul search, I decided that this blog should be exactly what its name said it was: unashamed writing.

I have other sites where I am more careful with my writing. I created those sites because I was very worried about some of the events and trends in the world today. That worry led to bigger worry which in turn led to determination to get my hands dirty in this global mess (i.e. I decided to become more active in making a good difference in the world.)

I actually have some pretty cool ideas that I think will make the future look like the best, most visionary dreams on steroids. (I promise I’m not on any steroids as I write this, nor on any kind of mood enhancing substances like alcohol or chocolate.)

In clearer words: I want to become part of the team who saves the world and makes it better in the process.

But, that mission takes a lot of hard work. Intelligent hard work. I put a lot of thought into everything I create with the save-the-world goal in mind. Which brings me back to this blog: I want it to be the carefree writing and thinking that makes me really happy while also making me really useless. 😊

That’s all I had to say for today. Going forward, I’ll just start dumping my messy thoughts on here. If they won’t entertain anyone else, at least they’ll entertain me. After all, if an author can’t enjoy her own writing, then she’s doing something wrong.

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