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Writing outside even when it’s bloody cold

canva winter roads

Western New York winters are harsh. And long. Some people say they last six months. That’s an exaggeration. Winters only last five miserable overcast months, twenty-nine freezing days, and twenty-three bloody awful hours. At least that’s what it feels like. Since I love heat, sunshine, and being outdoors, I learned to dread winters. That all […]

Best time to be a writer

paulo coelho crazy and happy 2

It’s a well known fact that writers (and artists in general) are highly susceptible to nervous breakdowns, dramatic outbursts, and roller coaster moods. To that I say, yes, it’s true. BUT, look at the bright side. Historically, now is the best time to be a writer. The antidepressants are better. Alcohol tastes like chocolate – […]

The inspiration is in the work

if you're waiting for a sign this is it

When you find yourself overwhelmed by the prospect of a huge project, the wrong thing to do is to procrastinate. To put things off. In my case, that always leads to stress and a mental block. We all know there are times when stress is good. It powers you up through a short time crisis. […]

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