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A poet’s prayer

fantasy drawing praying girl

A poet’s prayer By Ada Ireland   Will you hurt me again? Will you break my heart anew? Inflict more suffering upon my soul? If yes, I’ll form my lips just so That when the exquisite pain And anguish only you can give pass through You won’t hear a frightful cry. You’ll only hear lovely, […]

Love or ignorance?

rumi i will whisper secrets in your ear

Love or ignorance? By Ada Ireland   You opened up my eyes to my ignorance about love. Completely destroyed all my previous “knowledge”. Gone are my beliefs and illusions. Even memories of what I used to think are hard to recall. The only thing left in sight is you. I close my eyes. Still … […]

Live fully

rumi stop acting so small

Live fully By Ada Ireland   Because God wanted to feel, He created man. So if I dull my senses, If I let fear keep me away from pain And guilt keep me away from pleasure, If I close my mind and heart to fully living, Is that an act of rebellion? A sin? A […]

I Forgot

damien rice what i am to you

I Forgot By Ada Ireland   Forgive me. I made a mistake By asking you so many questions. I forgot that, Just because you mean so much to me, To you, I’m no one special. You don’t owe me any answers. You don’t owe me anything. I remember now … I won’t forget again.

In a different space and time

love is of all passions the strongest

In a different space and time By Ada Ireland   In a different space and time we are together. We share the perfect love all dreamers dream about. The kind of love that sometimes hurts, It sometimes stumbles but it never alters. It doesn’t “bend with the remover to remove.” In this time and space […]

Authentic living

bob dylan some people feel the rain

Authentic living By Ada Ireland   You want me to live an ordinary life? You want me tame my true nature? You want me to keep my cravings, My wishes, dreams and needs In a prison made of subjective standards and rules? Why would I do that? Every part of me rebels at the idea […]

Your soul is beautiful

rumi my soul heard from your soul

Your soul is beautiful By Ada Ireland   I noticed you first In my small, candle-lit room. The darker it got, The better I saw you. I was surprised when you said Your soul was dark and buried deep. I wondered … Should I laugh at your ignorance? Are you really that blind to the […]

What are you looking for?

lc i fought agains the bottle

What are you looking for? By Ada Ireland   What was it that you wanted? I was so happy to finally meet you That I started showing you everything I had Instead of asking you first: “What are you looking for?” Forgive me for getting so excited and overwhelming you. Let’s start over. What are […]

Match my darkness

lc lean back and be loved

Match my darkness By Ada Ireland   The darker you get The better you match my own darkness. Is that news to you? Does it make you want to pull out, Or are you glad you came in? If you’re staying, Please make yourself comfortable. I want to learn everything.

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