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Pretend Maps – A poem

pretend maps

Pretend Maps By Ada Ireland   I look for you in places you would never visit And stay away from places that you would. I grant my heart the origami hope it needs, And giving you the freedom that you want. … I look for you on pretend maps. You aren’t mine to find.

Bare Truth


Bare Truth By Ada Ireland   My words were dressed conservatively enough But my feelings were naked. And you had an eye for that. You asked me to take off The clothes And the figures of speech. You wanted your truth bare.

The First Lie

anais nin we do not see things as they are

The First Lie By Ada Ireland   It wasn’t when someone first told me, “Not everyone tells the truth,” That I started doubting people. It was when I told my first lie. I saw how easy it had been. A few years and some lies later I realized, The world wasn’t making a liar out […]

Slivers – Reblog from Souldier Girl

i'll see you when i fall asleep

Another beautiful poem from Souldier Girl. Slivers by Souldiergirl   I love you and I don’t know why With all this grief My heart keeps tight …a sliver of light And I think… If I keep this slender sliver on repeat …I will be alright I love you and I don’t know why I remember […]

A poet’s prayer

fantasy drawing praying girl

A poet’s prayer By Ada Ireland   Will you hurt me again? Will you break my heart anew? Inflict more suffering upon my soul? If yes, I’ll form my lips just so That when the exquisite pain And anguish only you can give pass through You won’t hear a frightful cry. You’ll only hear lovely, […]

Love or ignorance?

rumi i will whisper secrets in your ear

Love or ignorance? By Ada Ireland   You opened up my eyes to my ignorance about love. Completely destroyed all my previous “knowledge”. Gone are my beliefs and illusions. Even memories of what I used to think are hard to recall. The only thing left in sight is you. I close my eyes. Still … […]

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