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In a different space and time

love is of all passions the strongest

In a different space and time
By Ada Ireland


In a different space and time we are together.
We share the perfect love all dreamers dream about.
The kind of love that sometimes hurts,
It sometimes stumbles but it never alters.
It doesn’t “bend with the remover to remove.”

In this time and space we’re only strangers
Who bumped into each other on a poorly lit life path.
There is no shared love, there’s only a shared moment.
I say hello, you say goodbye, and then move on.

Forgive me for staring at you and acting weird,
There’s something wrong with my brain,
There’s a glitch in my soul,
I remember words, touches, and scents,
And I feel feelings,
From a different space and time …
I feel a perfect love.

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