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Authentic living

Authentic living
By Ada Ireland


You want me to live an ordinary life?
You want me tame my true nature?
You want me to keep my cravings,
My wishes, dreams and needs
In a prison made of subjective standards and rules?

Why would I do that?

Every part of me rebels at the idea of a shallow life.
Don’t talk to me about the safety of the well-travelled path.
I know that safety is an illusion.
An euphemism for emotional coma.

I wasn’t born for lukewarm living,
I was born to soar, crash, recover,
And then repeat that cycle
Over and over again.

Don’t underestimate me.
I’m strong enough to wrestle despair’s darkest demons.
I’m brave enough to climb love’s exhilarating peaks.
I’m selfless enough to offer my heart up for smashing on love’s altar.
I’m selfish enough to expect to be loved back for all that I am.

Don’t hold me back.
Puck back the cocoon.
Why would I live a shallow, sugar-coated version of life,
When my soul craves the truth?

I want to know the best, the worst,
And all that’s in between.
I was made for it.

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