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Notes to Self – a new category – it starts with fiery red curls

fiery red curlsToday I’m starting a new category in the “Becoming a Writer – Behind the Scenes” section. I’m calling it “Notes to Self” because that’s exactly what it will be about: little things that cross my mind as I read another book, laugh at funny stories about chastity belts and their misplaced keys, or wake up from yet another steamy dream with the hot hero’s words still fresh in my memory.

There are two conditions for those half thoughts to make it into the “Notes to Self” category:

  • They have to be related to writing;
  • They have to be under 100 words. NOW that’s a challenge. I can’t seem to be able to shut up …

For my first post the word count limit will be waived! There’s no need to fail right from the start.

Here we go: I’m reading the “Irish Devil” by Donna Fletcher. It’s an OK book. She’s not a bad writer. I’ve read far worse. The only thing is: why does she have to bring up the heroine’s fiery red curls every other page?

Note to self: describe your heroine but then leave her fiery red curls alone!!!

there never was a saint with red hair

P.S. For the books I buy myself and think are worth reading, if even just so I could learn what not to do, I’ll put a link at the end of my posts to their Amazon site.

There are books I’ll never link too. Sometimes, not even all the eagerness to learn the Dos and Don’ts of the writing craft can’t get me past the first page. I’ll try not to point any fingers though.

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