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Venting – A poem … kind of

venting prevents me from free rides

Venting By Ada Ireland   I started writing a poem And it turned into pretentious junk. Sometimes I try to embellish my feelings, Sometimes I try to sound smart. (That’s when my writing basically sucks.) So I trashed it … That useless piece of fake writing that it was. I’m starting over now. In the […]

I Love You – A poem

the first time i saw you

I tried my hand at a different style with my last few poems and it showed. They were confusing and bland. Here is something straightforward. I managed to sneak a couple of figures of speech in there, but the end result is still close to my raw, bare bones voice.   I love you By […]

Three Lives – A poem

carl sandburg poetry

Three Lives By Ada Ireland   I live three lives. There’s my real life – A motion picture With only the Play button on. Rewind, Fast Forward don’t work, Pause is an illusion. It’s always Play. There are my memories – Life remembered and always (less or more) distorted By two lenses: heart and time. […]

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