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Bare Truth


Bare Truth By Ada Ireland   My words were dressed conservatively enough But my feelings were naked. And you had an eye for that. You asked me to take off The clothes And the figures of speech. You wanted your truth bare.

Damien Rice – The Box

damien rice

“If you go mad, people give up on you. They don’t really have any expectations. […] And then you’re free.” Damien Rice Another brilliant song from Damien Rice. I like his live performances best. Hypnotic.    

The First Lie

anais nin we do not see things as they are

The First Lie By Ada Ireland   It wasn’t when someone first told me, “Not everyone tells the truth,” That I started doubting people. It was when I told my first lie. I saw how easy it had been. A few years and some lies later I realized, The world wasn’t making a liar out […]

Randa Jarrar – The Sailor

turkey istanbul

I’m sharing a paragraph written by Randa Jarrar, an author I discovered today, while reading Flash Fiction International: Very Short Stories from Around the World. Her story, A Sailor, is one of the pieces published in this collection. “He tells her he thinks she married him because he is precisely the kind of man who […]

Damien Rice – Hypnosis

Damien Rice’s Hypnosis: * For when I become overwhelmed by all I don’t know. * For when I can’t find any words. * For when I forget about the here and the now. “[…] love has no fight […] silence can always be heard When you know who you are, You can’t help but let […]

Observer – Reblog from Souldier Girl

she looked like art

Reblog of Souldier Girl’s latest poem. Very beautiful. I’m sitting kitty corner in my own chair, watching her write amazing poems, and being rendered speechless by the power of her words.   Observer By Souldier Girl   She breaks down He arrives in an instant …to her flood of wrenching pain He knows He holds […]

Not the healing kind – short prose

rumi knock at your own heart

Not the healing kind By Ada Ireland   “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” the battle-scarred warrior said to me. It was supposed to be an encouragement, but it came out sounding like an order. “This too shall pass,” the wise man added. A hint of pity and knowing melancholy tinged his voice. I […]

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