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Observer – Reblog from Souldier Girl

Reblog of Souldier Girl’s latest poem. Very beautiful. I’m sitting kitty corner in my own chair, watching her write amazing poems, and being rendered speechless by the power of her words.


By Souldier Girl


She breaks down
He arrives in an instant
…to her flood of wrenching pain
He knows
He holds her
His love is ever so gentle
…She is his treasure
He is the calm in her storm
He would never leave her
Even when she pushed and clawed
My heart in my throat
As I sat kitty corner in my chair
Observing love conquer
She had crowned his heart
And I found myself silently weeping
To be one to witness
…a tender and true love as this
And as my tears talked a little louder
They did not even notice
For they were long sunk
Into the arms
…of each other

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