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Leave the dirt behind – Beautiful advice from a Romanian actor

I’m sharing today some beautiful words from the daughter of one of Romania’s most talented and best loved actors, Amza Pellea. Amza passed away over thirty years ago, yet, to this day, he is remembered as one of the “greatest Romanians of all times.”

The daughter, Oana Pellea, is a talented artist herself and an incredibly kind person. I translated the following paragraph from Romanian. Some of its musicality got lost in translation, but its message came through.

My father used to tell me, “When you have something dark or ugly inside of you – like frustration, unkind words, anger, or some other dirt we all carry  around from time to time – it’s best to use your heel and make a hole in the ground. And you stay there, and talk to the hole, and dump into it everything bad you’ve wanted to say. Then you cover that hole and move forward.”

  • Oana Pellea

oana pellea leave the dirt behind

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