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Best time to be a writer

paulo coelho crazy and happy 2

It’s a well known fact that writers (and artists in general) are highly susceptible to nervous breakdowns, dramatic outbursts, and roller coaster moods. To that I say, yes, it’s true. BUT, look at the bright side. Historically, now is the best time to be a writer. The antidepressants are better. Alcohol tastes like chocolate – […]

Random Quotes – Week 1

we accept the love we think we deserve

She was always an odd mixture of maturity and childishness, grown up in her judgment or men and affairs, child-like in her certainties, and most engaging in her entire belief in her father and the vivid intellectual world in which she had been brought up. ~ Janet Courtney (friend) about Gertrude Bell He knew my […]

Pretend Maps – A poem

pretend maps

Pretend Maps By Ada Ireland   I look for you in places you would never visit And stay away from places that you would. I grant my heart the origami hope it needs, And giving you the freedom that you want. … I look for you on pretend maps. You aren’t mine to find.

Bare Truth


Bare Truth By Ada Ireland   My words were dressed conservatively enough But my feelings were naked. And you had an eye for that. You asked me to take off The clothes And the figures of speech. You wanted your truth bare.

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