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I Love You – A poem

the first time i saw youI tried my hand at a different style with my last few poems and it showed. They were confusing and bland. Here is something straightforward. I managed to sneak a couple of figures of speech in there, but the end result is still close to my raw, bare bones voice.


I love you
By Ada Ireland


My mind expands when you kiss it with your words,
My soul soars to heavens in your soul’s presence,
My body is reduced to a bundle of primal need and pleasure
When you touch me and then come inside.

You tear down the walls I built to protect myself.
You break me free of all bonds.
It’s an incredible rush.
I’m in awe and I’m scared in the same heartbeat.

I know I should find some balance
Between freedom and the vulnerability it brings,
But I can’t hold myself back.
I love you.

P.S. Thank you for telling me the truth PD.

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