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Me Without You – by Adrian Paunescu – Amateur translation

eu fara tineThis is a Romanian love poem. The second stanza is my favorite! I’m not a professional translator but I hope I was able to convey the original message and to keep the poem’s beautiful … musicality. Enjoy!






Me Without You

By Adrian Paunescu


And suddenly I understood that without you

I’m not completely sane myself,

To run away and come straight back I’m tempted,

To never know my place on Earth again.


So fast did you become part of my blood,

So much part of myself you are right now,

A mere scratch would make me cry,

For fear that I might lose you drop by drop.


There is no springtime anywhere,

With lifeless blossoms now you button up your coat.

With springtime’s bitterness I look for honey,

But you, my love, are there in its place.


And suddenly I know that without you,

I die myself and can’t come back to life,

Although I had been born, as you well know,

To be the one protecting you from yourself!


Here is a beautiful YouTube video that has the Romanian verses. It’s simply … touching. I love it!



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