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The first flash fiction challenge of the year is finally here – Double drat!!!

flash fictionI was so looking forward to Chuck Wendig’s flash fiction challenge. I could already see myself spinning some tale of good old-fashioned romance with a bit of steam in the mix. The fact that I would have to do that in one thousand words or less didn’t faze me. It’s called “challenge” for a reason, and I was completely up to it.

That is, I was up to it until I saw what the challenge was. Brace yourself folks. Here’s what the challenge looks like. I’m supposed to use what’s quoted below to write one thousand words of fiction.

Who the @#%& is my D&D character?

Check this sh*t out, I’m going to be a @#%&-ing curious dragonborn barbarian from a travelling band who is afraid of heights.

Are you confused? Yeah, me too. Not to worry. I shall clear up my mind and then let it fill back up with some kind of story about barbarians of dragon descent who get dizzy if they climb anything higher than an ant hill, warrior princesses who love skydiving, and the fateful meeting that leads to love at first sight. The big question is: will their love sink? Or will it soar? Good question. I’ll let you know when I find out.

The deadline for this flash fiction challenge is Friday at noon. That’s plenty of time.

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