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The Fall – Super short flash fiction – or drabble, if you will

flash fictionThe latest flash fiction challenge from Chuck Wendig is to write a 100 word piece of fiction (no theme, subject, or any other detail offered). I can’t tell you how long my piece is because my word counter is broken. I smashed it right after it showed that I wrote 143 words. Ahem … what can I say? My temper gets the best of me sometimes. I feel much better now.

*looks around at bits and pieces of word-counter-machine-thingy spread all over the floor*

*gets big, evil grin on her face*

Anyway, without further ado, here’s my latest masterpiece.


The Fall
By Ada Ireland


Her hand hovered near the doorbell. She thought of her choices one last time. Beyond that door lay betrayal. There was also the promise of the forbidden fruit. Of knowledge, feelings, and sensations never experienced before.

On this side of the door lay loyalty. Everything that was predictable, respectable but … never quite enough. There were also hidden fantasies and unmet dark desires.

In the past, she had wondered about Eve and her fall in the Garden of Eden. How could Eve have been so foolish? How could she have been so easily tricked? Now she knew. Eve hadn’t been tricked. Only the timing made it look like that. Sooner or later, Eve would have taken a bite of that apple anyway. Just because she wanted to know what it tasted like.

She hesitated a few more seconds. Then she rang the doorbell.

the end

P.S. Apparently, a very short piece of flash fiction is called a drabble, hence the name of this post. I like drabbles. I can drabble on and on. Much easier than writing a novel, I’ll tell you that much.

Now I’ll stop drabbling and start working on my short fiction that’s due on Thursday. See you … after the top.

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