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Silence and Sounds – A poem

i may not be right but i can sure sound like itThis poem started earlier today as a joke. I decided to put some weight on it. Five minutes later … voila! Silence and Sounds.

It’s still supposed to be half-funny. Or at least light hearted. That’s why I used the word “darned” in there instead of the more serious “damned”. Enjoy!

Silence and Sounds
By Ada Ireland


If silence  truly were golden,
We’d both be rich.

You – because you are its source,
You’re always quiet.
Me – because I’m its receiving end,
I’m always waiting for your words.

I miss your wisdom.
I crave the sounds of your beautiful mind.
Riches be darned,
I’d rather hear your speak.

I LOVE your voice.

P.S. I’m thinking I should start a YouTube channel and read my poems there. What? Maya Angelou did it. Plus, these poems are supposed to be read with a really cute Eastern European accent. Good luck doing that on your own! :-)

P.P.S. Right after I posted the P.S. I found the picture below. The YouTube channel idea is now on hold.

read in my head

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  1. Periodically Demented

    I put on my best Dracula voice so I think I nailed it. :)
    I like the YouTube idea, I really do. You should do it. Go on, then. Run away quickly.

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