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‘Myself’ and ‘This Time’ – Double dose of poetry

rumi a thousand desiresI love Rumi’s poetry. Many times it leaves me in awe with its simplicity, beauty, and raw power. This week I found some passages that bothered me. For the most part though, I think it’s the kind of writing that can’t leave anyone untouched. Here is an example.

I want to be where
your bare foot walks,

because maybe before you step,
you’ll look at the ground.
I want that blessing.

– Rumi

I’m in awe at Rumi’s ability to write like that consistently. I try my hand at poetry now and then but I don’t come close to his level. Still, I have to say, I do enjoy my own poems. They are very personal and, sad or not, I think they are fun. Here are two I wrote this week.

The first one is more serious. I wanted to title it Naked but I think that choice would have been misleading. I’m calling it Myself instead.

By Ada Ireland

I’d say you bring out the best in me,
But that’s only half the truth.
You bring out the worst also.
With you, I am the truest version of myself.
With you, I live naked.

This second one is supposed to be a little more fun.

This time
By Ada Ireland

Love tried to claim me a few times in the past
But it left empty handed.
This time, when it came,
It had your voice, your mind,
Your scent, and your bum,
So, this time, I surrendered.

Instead of “bum” I originally had the more coarse “a-s-s”. After that, I changed it to “looks”. In the end, I decided to go with “bum” after all. Half way between prude and unashamed writing.



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