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My brain and you: It’s Physics 101

My brain and You: It’s Physics 101
By Ada Ireland


Sometimes I try really hard
To put you out of my mind
So I could focus on other things,
Yet, minutes later, you’re back.

It’s not because you sneaked back in.
(That is just wishful thinking!)
It’s not because my brain is corrupt
Or is a lousy gatekeeper either.

The reason is more simple than that.
It’s Physics 101: Nature abhors a vacuum.

By pushing you out I create a big void.
I can’t seal it up,
So my mind fills it
By trying to pull you back in
Or by creating new thoughts of you
Out of existing memories and feelings.

And if you’re wondering
Why only you can fill that void
Well, I’ll be darned if I know.
I’m not THAT good at Physics …
Or any other science.

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