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Kingsman – Manners maketh man – Colin Firth maketh great movie

kingsman manners maketh manI saw the newly released Kingsman movie twice this past week. That’s unusual for me for two main reasons:



  1. I rarely watch movies. Last year I probably watched less than ten. Not kidding.
  2. I don’t like graphic violence and … guess what? Kingsman has plenty of graphic violence. I must have had my head turned and my eyes closed for at least ten minutes. Spoiler alert here, but the church scenes are just brutal.

Still, like I said, I watched this movie twice in less than five days. Why? Because the dialogue is awesome, the plot is smart, and the ending is good. Oh, and Colin Firth plays in it.

I didn’t understand having a crush on actors until I saw Colin Firth play in Pride and Prejudice. To be serious, even then the whole actor crush thing didn’t make sense to me. But Colin Firth is my favorite actor. How can you resist a man who has impeccable manners yet can utter delicious dirty words (yes, I’m thinking of the Bridget Jones movies here), or takes out the bad guys with bloody fantastic fighting skills (you have to see Kingsman to know what I mean)? You can’t! That’s why you go and see his movies over and over.

Now, as much as I like Colin Firth, if I had to chose between him and that *cough, cough* “owner of my heart”, I would bid Mr. Firth goodbye in a heartbeat. I would still ask him for a kiss and a lifetime, unlimited pass to his movies. I’m only human after all.

But Mr. Firth has no power to break my heart thoroughly. 😉 He’s just an actor. Too far removed from me and my life to have any real impact on it. If I were to meet Colin Firth in person, get to hang out for a while, and learn more about him, well … that would be a different story. Who knows what could happen?

All joking aside, whether you have a crush on Colin Firth or not, Kingsman is a good movie to see. Bloody (literally bloody, be warned), fast-paced, smart, and well done. I’ll see it again for sure, but this time I’ll wait for it to come out on DVD.

Here is a one of my favorite scenes from the movie. Watch it and drool. And I’m not talking about Mr. Firth’s good looks now. I’m talking about his fighting skills. Yes, I know they are not real, but please don’t spoil my fun. I’m a hard core pacifist, non-violent to my last, tiniest bone, but I have to admit I would freaking love being able to fight like that.

P.S. “Manners … maketh … man. Do you know what that means? Then let me teach you a lesson!” Bloody fantastic, and that’s all I’m going to say about that!



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  1. Periodically Demented

    That was way cool. I’m going to see that movie based on your questionable recommendation but supported by visual evidence.

    Here’s how to be really menacing, which I guess you understand, because you do it to me a lot. Advance apologies for poor vid quality; it splices two scenes.

    1. You’re in for a treat. Let me know what you think.

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