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Flash fiction challenge no. 5 – A forbidden tryst – YES!!!

forbidden unspeakably desirableI can’t believe this! It finally happened: my prompt for this week’s flash fiction challenge is actually forcing me to think X-rated thoughts. Is it me or did it get hot in here?

For this week, I’m supposed to come up with a story that has three things in it: a talisman, a lost comic book, and a forbidden tryst. These things came from three separate lists (each with ten items on it) and were chosen based on a random number generator.

As a random number generator I used these little humans who roam around my house and call me “mom”. Since I can’t seem to be able to get away from them no matter what I do, I thought I’d make them  useful so I asked each of them to choose one number between 1 and 10.

Little human number 1 chose 8. Little human number 2 chose 2. Little human number 3 chose 100 and started laughing like she had just made the best joke ever. I told her that only her mom had the right to make bad jokes. I also told her there was going to be no dessert after dinner that night. She finally stopped laughing and told me she chose number 8. What a good kid!

After I gave the little humans chocolate and told them to go outside and play, I finally looked up to see what my prompt would be. Lo’ and behold, it turned out that little human number 3 changed what would have been another fantasy piece (with a talisman and a lost comic book) into a fantasy piece that has some steamy potential (with the forbidden tryst).

I gave little human number 3 extra chocolate when she came back from playing outside but I didn’t explain to her why. Twenty years from now, when I’ll finally feel comfortable enough to share my writing with her, she’ll understand. Until then, she’ll just think that mom was in a generous mood.

Now I have to start thinking about my story. It’s due on Friday, by noon. I didn’t cheat this time when getting my prompt but it looks like someone’s about to!!! Did you read the second part of this last sentence in a sultry … seductive voice? If not, please go and read it again, because that’s the effect I was going for.

I’m going to sleep now. I do my best X-rated thinking in my dreams!

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