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Dreams, Mind Tricks, And Threats – A poem

terrified of my heartI was in a dark mood when I started this poem. I got stuck after the first two stanzas and decided to mow the lawn instead. As usual, physical effort got rid of some of the gloom. Hence, the verses about mind tricks and getting drunk. I still like how it turned out: half serious, half crazy, with a few dashes of funny. Reminds me of someone I know …


Dreams, Mind Tricks, And Threats
By Ada Ireland


When the rational part of me sleeps, I’m a believer.
I believe in soulmates and in timeless love,
In emotions so intense
That tears and pain feel like my heart has been ripped out,
And laughter and joy leave me completely breathless.

I believe in the courage to let go completely,
In the strength to reveal both virtues and flaws
And the grace to equally accept them.
I believe in tenderness that makes my soul weep
And passion that shatters my mind and my senses.

When the rational part of me sleeps,
I believe in all this and more.
It’s a beautiful dream and all mental blocks are down,
So I believe in love,
I believe in … you.

When reason’s awake, things are complicated.
My mind has no tolerance for foolish dreams,
And, if I want to believe in you,
I have to try and trick it.

“I’m writing fiction, see?”
I tell it as I put my best poker face on
And take out pen and paper.
“It’s a story about soulmates and timeless love,
Yet it is nothing more than fiction.”

Alas, my mind knows my heart’s hopes
And it gets suspicious.
The tricks didn’t work.
(I should have known.
I’m lousy at playing poker.)

Now I threaten it that I’ll get drunk and put it asleep that way,
And I can feel its wheels spinning.
I’m no fan of hangovers and I’m greatly relieved
When it finally backs away
And lets me create dreams of you on paper.

be who you are

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