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Kristin Hannah – The Nightingale – good book with blue shutters

the nightingaleThis post is part of the “Notes to Self” series where I have to make a point in 100 words or less. On your marks, get set, go!




I tried reading a Kristin Hannah’s book a few years ago but I gave up after the first twenty pages or so. Boring story, bad book. I’m glad I didn’t write off the author though.

A couple of days ago I picked up The Nightingale. It’s the story of two sisters, their “conflicted” relationship, and the choices they have to make (and live with) in German occupied France during World War II.

Good story. Interesting book. Here’s a weird thing that stood out to me though: there are three different instances in the first twenty pages or so (those darn first twenty pages again) where buildings are described and they all have blue shutters.

I don’t know why my mind got stuck on that. It’s not because the story was boring. I’m pretty sure I’ll finish this book. Maybe I’ll even keep a count of how many blue shutters I can find.

Note to self: in my stories, I will only bring up shutters if they are of different colors. Or if I write a different version of The Wizard of Oz, one that takes place in the Sapphire City.


Done! How did I do? One hundred eighty-nine words. Close enough.

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