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Your soul is beautiful

rumi my soul heard from your soul

Your soul is beautiful
By Ada Ireland


I noticed you first
In my small, candle-lit room.
The darker it got,
The better I saw you.

I was surprised when you said
Your soul was dark and buried deep.
I wondered …
Should I laugh at your ignorance?
Are you really that blind to the truth of your own beauty?

Or should I cry because of how little you think of me?
Do you think me so shallow and narrow-minded
That I can’t see past the things that you do
To get to the things that you are?

Your soul is beautiful, love.
It’s your actions that sometimes suck
And I’m sure this statement can be debated
Since I’m assessing said actions
Using a personal, highly subjective yardstick.

Your soul is beautiful …
Don’t forget that.

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