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Screaming Snowflake (The result of my first flash fiction challenge)

This is a piece of flash fiction I wrote based on a title prompt from Chuck Wendig’s site. Considering that his list of possible titles was not really meant for romance fiction, I hope what I wrote still makes some sense. If it doesn’t, I’ll claim that aliens kidnapped me and put this story in my head. That should please Chuck’s readers, since they are used to fantasy and sci-fi writing.

Here we go …


Screaming Snowflake


Her head was resting on his bare chest. She wasn’t able to move. She was barely able to think. That delicious feeling of being completely worn out after a good, thorough ravishing was still humming through her body.

A slight tug on her hair and the teasing in his voice brought her out of the dreamlike state. “Now you have to tell me what it is. You … promised,” he reminded her.

Ava groaned. At least she tried to. But groaning required more energy than she had. She felt his deep, low chuckle more than she actually heard it. It sent new shivers of pleasure down her body.

“It felt that good, hm? Well … I tried my best. I had to. It seems the only way to get a promise out of you is to keep you on the verge of a climax. I love the way you fall though …”

This time she was able to groan. “You don’t fight fair,” she whispered.

“I can’t. Not with you. There’s no fair way to get past your defenses. Plus, fighting fair is overrated. It takes too long and is not half as fun as fighting unfair. Now … stop stalling. You surrendered. It’s time to give up the goods. I want to know your real name … “ He looked at her, then closed his eyes, took a breath deep enough to let her intoxicating scent permeate his entire body, lowered his head, and gave hear a long, soft kiss, “… my Indian beauty.”

“You know that name is sacred, right?” she tried one last time. “It should stay a secret. I’ll never go to the happy hunting grounds if I tell you what it is.”

His laughter shook both his whole body and hers. “You’d be miserable just thinking about hunting grounds. The animal lover in you would be eternally tormented if you were to ever go there.”

It was her turn to take a deep breath. The name itself … that wasn’t the big deal. The fact that she had never told it to anyone else … was. She had never felt this close to anyone before. Never felt the need to share any private details. Then Mark came into her life.

He claimed there was no way to get past her defenses. Yet he was able to shatter them with a mere touch or a single word. She felt as if he were taking her apart, piece by piece, and rebuilding her into this new being that somehow made both of them happy.

She sighed. “It’s … Screaming Snowflake. That’s my Navajo nickname … the one you heard my brother call me the other day …”

He laughed again. “There has to be a good story behind that … I promise you a night of screaming pleasure in exchange for the story.”

“You’re making fun of me,” she blushed and started squirming to get away from him.

“Of course not,” he said tightening his hold and getting her even closer. “I’m dead serious. You can’t tell me you wouldn’t be curious about the story behind such a name.” He kissed her again. “And I never joke about giving you pleasure. I’m dead serious about that also.”

His sensual laughter made him sound anything but serious. She didn’t bother bringing that up though. It would have been useless.

She closed her eyes and allowed her body to relax completely into his. “My birth name is Snowflake. I was born on the first day of winter. It also happened to be the day of the first snowfall that year. My mother said the name suited me well. I liked to hear her say I was her lighthearted, complex, and delicate miracle. She spoiled me.”

She paused for a few seconds. He could tell that memories were taking her back to long gone happy days and beloved places. “I loved my name. The older I got the more I realized I didn’t want to change it once the time came for my formal naming ceremony. My brother used to tease me. He’d say it was a good name only because I was constantly dancing.” Another pause. “The dancing part was true … I guess it’s always been in my blood.”

His right hand started moving down her body… a long caress from the top of her shoulder, past her waist, past the flare of her hip, down her leg, and finally resting on her ankle. “You are an amazing dancer.” There was no trace of teasing in his voice. “And you have an incredible dancer’s body.”

She smiled but couldn’t help feeling embarrassed by how good it felt to hear his little nonsense praising. She forced herself to get back to the story. “Thank you … I’ll … “ she stammered, “I’ll tell you about the ceremony now. It was right at the beginning, after the elders formed a prayer circle around me, that all hell happened.

I was supposed to present each of them with a gift of sacred herbs before whispering to them my chosen name. I had picked the herbs myself the previous day and saved them in the leather pouch my mother gave me. Shortly before the ceremony I noticed the pouch was gone. Before I could panic, my brother reassured me he had just seen it and promised to bring it to me before everything started.”

She cringed. “He did … with just seconds to spare. Only, when I reached inside for my gifts, it wasn’t just herbs I pulled out.” This time she actually started to shiver. “It was what seemed to be hundreds and hundreds of spiders.”

There was no mistaking the sound of disgust and actual fear in her voice, even now, years after that experience. “I screamed like there was no tomorrow. Needless to say, the ceremony was cancelled. Hours later I was still shaking. My brother got his first and only spanking for the prank he pulled on me, but he couldn’t help smirking every time he saw me. He was the one to call me Screaming Snowflake.” She looked up at him. “Now you know.” She finally smiled. “And that’s what he still calls me …”

“I think the name suits you perfectly. The way you express yourself through your dancing is one of the things that first fascinated me about you. I was entranced … by a snowflake.” He stopped.

She didn’t say anything. She could feel he had meant it. The sudden curving of his lips into a barely there smile warned her more was coming though. He was going to tease her …

“The Snowflake is the part you show to the world. The Screaming is what you save for me,” he finally whispered.

“I …” she fought to get the words out, “I … don’t … scream.”

“Oh …. but you do,” he said again. “ Not like someone scared of spiders though.”

“I really don’t,” she protested and realized too late she had just thrown down the gauntlet, a challenge that he quickly accepted.

“I’ll show you,” he started just as his hands began exploring her body. “First, your breathing gets harder …” His hot kissed captured her mouth and proved he was right. “Then you start those soft little moans that drive me crazy.” It was almost as if he magically controlled her body. “Then come the needy, soft cries.”

She could barely hear him.

He was tormenting her with naughty words and sinful touches. “That’s when you are on the verge. That’s when I ask you to make promises.” He took complete possession of her body. It was a testament to his mental strength that he managed to keep talking. “That’s when you, my beautiful Snowflake, forget about everything and fall screaming into another … climax.”

Yes … he did control her body.

Minutes passed before either of them had enough strength to think or say anything. Mark was the first to move. He brought her chin up, looked her straight in the eyes, and whispered. “I love you, Screaming Snowflake.”

the end

P.S. I hope you enjoyed. Before you cast your vote, please remember this is my first formal piece of flash fiction. Be super … super kind. Thank you.

P.P.S. If you are so inclined, you can read my post about how I ended up with the title “Screaming Snowflake” here. Believe me, I was sorely tempted to cheat!

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