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James Bond Meets Twilight – Flash Fiction

cheating d plusI’m cheating today. The deadline for my flash fiction challenge is just minutes away and my piece is not done yet. So, I’ll post a link to this page but don’t expect to find anything good to read yet. By tomorrow at noon, I’ll have something about James Bond meeting Twilight. Until then, I’ll write about the comment I left on Chuck Wendig’s site when I saw what the prompt for this week was.

The prompt was called “It’s X meets Y”. We had two columns of well known movies. Each column had 20 movies. We had to use a random number generator to get a movie from each column and write the resulting story.

Below are the comments I left on Chuck’s site. They will make a little more sense if you keep in mind that, about two weeks ago, I practically begged Chuck to give some prompts that a romance writer could work with. Not all of us are sci-fi or fantasy geniuses.

Anyway, I was very glad to see the last prompt and here is what I said.

* takes a deep breath and steels herself for the next flash fiction challenge *
* wonders what kind of beast born warrior or interplanetary conflict she has to write about now *
* finally reads this week’s challenge and almost chokes with disbelief: When Harry Met Sally? Twilight? WHAT THE HECK??? Finally something that a romance writer can work with??? *
* throws guilty looks at the voodoo doll she ordered from Amazon; it bears an eerie resemblance to Chuck *
* does a quick search for “how to safely dispose of voodoo dolls that are no longer needed” *
* looks back to the challenge and prays to Aphrodite that she’d roll a 9 and 14 *
* brings out her loaded dice just in case *
* Sweet Cupid!!! It worked! “James Bond” meets “Twilight” it is! *

Now I just have to write the darn story!

UPDATE: *a little over 24 hours later* Here’s part 1 of the story.


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